Cuprum Apartment

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Building: Zora Wilanów

Area: 127 m²

The apartment is located in the modern and prestigious Warsaw district, Wilanów. A strong location requires adequate treatment from the inside, especially when client is a demanding one. And such were our clients — they knew what they wanted, but most of available investments on the market seemed to not meet their expectations. That’s why they asked us for help in choosing the best one with the functional transformation in mind. That decision turned out to be a blessing.

The original spatial planning suggested a typical, small kitchen. We proposed its transfer so that it could be given the size expected by the owners, for whom the kitchen was supposed to be the heart of frequently organised parties. A very important aspect for out clients was the design of a fixed shelving unit, which was not only intended to accommodate, but also neatly expose the collection of books, souvenirs and other objects brought from numerous trips. Despite its size, the shelving unit does not seem overwhelming, but it blends with grace into the background of the apartment, thanks to its thin-tube-skeleton design.

According to the owners’ suggestion, the interior was supposed to be dignified, hence the choice of timeless materials, such as steel, copper, zimbabwe granite, slate and sinter quartz, as well as brushed oak.