Eclecticism at Huculska street

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Building: Huculska 5

Area: 84 m²

Photos: Marcin Grabowiecki

Just like the whole building no. 5 on the Huculska street, the apartment designed by us was supposed to have different influences. Our customers have told us that they do not care about absolute consistency within one style, but the seek for perfect mix of unique solutions from seemingly different worlds.

Functionally, the daily part is mainly occupied by a beautiful see-blue kitchen, and the striking bookshelf with not only books but also decorations. The kitchen delights, but the library is quite hypnotizing, trying to make you stay for a while and immerse in your favorite reading. It was equally important to expand the hallway, so that the entrance to the bedroom could be filled with a double-leaf door, which gives an extraordinary sense of breath and space.

The apartment derives its style from art déco, New York style, through boho, PRL to minimalism. We will find both snow white and jet black, dark oak parquet, wooden table and chairs, brass details, patchwork motifs, marble and granite countertops, but also pastel colors in furniture and textiles and even unusual pistachio-coloured toilet and basins. The whole interior is full of colors, but thanks to the soft palette and harmonious composition, it doesn’t get you tired and feels just right.