Subtract Apartment

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Housing estate: Madison Apartments

Area: 103 m²

Publications: Archinea

The clients, who make frequent meetings with their friends, wanted a kitchen to be in the middle of the organised events, despite eating out daily. After a few approaches, we managed to develop the concept of centrally located, multifunctional module that can be freely walked around. Thanks to the use of moving panels, it sinks into the background on daily basis, and shelves give it a sense of a modest wall with a bookshelf. When there is a need, it takes only one gesture to open the kitchen up to the living room, absorbing with its deep blackness and inviting with spreading scents.

Behind a perforated, sliding wall that at first glance seems to be a purely decorative element, there is a night zone in which there is a bedroom with a bathroom and wardrobe of tenants and a toilet. Investors are film buffs, so the guest room planned in the standard layout of the apartment was converted into a climatic cinema room.

The solutions used give the apartment a pinch of magic and mystery. This is undoubtedly the interior of strong contrasts — almost achromatic whole is broken with the color accents, but it is selection of the materials and textures, that makes this space doesn’t seem sterile nor boring.