apartment with the future in mind

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Housing estate: Fort Służew

Photos: Nate Cook

Video: Michał Dolny

Publications: Elle Decoration, Label Magazine

Being young it’s extremely easy to give in the temptation to do something here and now, without looking back or thinking too far forward. So does the first ever apartment for a person at the beginning of her professional life have to look like a patchwork of everything that trendy, and not necessarily durable for years? It depends. In this case, the owner, despite her young age, did not want temporary solutions – she expected solidity and let it run our way, paying only attention to the fact that she plans to spend about 5 years in this apartment, after which the property will go to the secondary market or for rent.

It was clear that due to the location and beautiful views, we were speaking about premium property, so despite the universal assumptions, we could not afford to make it ordinary. Five years is not a lifetime, yet still it’s a period that you rather wish to be remembered nice. That being siad future plans for the apartment had to go hand in hand with owner’s personal preferences. From the useful side, for example, the bedroom space was slightly limited to obtain a spacious guest room next to it, which in the future may be easily adapted to a children’s room or even an office. Also, we opened the kitchen to the living room and designed a functional peninsula with stools, while the additional toilet has been transformed into a comfortable laundry room with a storage.

We used materials of the highest quality, neutral but brave. We juxtaposed an expressive marble conglomerate in the dining room wall and on the countertop with a matte black of the kitchen and hall joinery monolith. The bathroom is made almost entirely of a starry terrazzo stone, the same one that acts as a background in the bedroom. Slightly warm-toned concrete floor covers the entire floor, except for a shower, giving a less formal character to the whole space. Thanks to this mix, on the one hand, apartment gives you a feeling of the youthful energy, and on the other, calm and undeniable maturity.