the graceful apartment

Location: Cracow, Poland

Area: 148 m²

Publications: Archinea, PLN Design

The apartment is located in a hidden housing estate located within a short distance of the city centre. First of all, it is intended to be a space for the periodic stays of the owners with a view to the business and social meetings organised at. It is one of owners’ several properties and is not intended to be a family home but rather a private hotel-like apartment with a rental option instead.

Aesthetics have been a big challenge for us here. We knew what investors expected, but for us it meant to go far beyond the conventions within which most often we move. It was supposed to be modern, yet classic, with a lot of elegance and chic. Dignified, with charm and grace.

We’ve bet on noble materials that will last decades. The sophisticated mixture consists of e.g. oak smoked parquet in french herringbone pattern collated with joinery made of „schoko” oak, as well as calacatta and calacatta black marbles and brass. Although most materials are coherently used throughout the apartment, we have decided to play with their different finishes. And thus marble surfaces are once brushed, elsewhere polished, brass in the living room is satin, in the bedroom artistically mashed, and patinated in the kitchen. The whole project is consistent but not monotonous, full of details and various textures.