Villa Babice

Location: Stare Babice near Warsaw, Poland

Housing estate: Willa Babice

Area: 170 m²

„Villa Babice” is an investment placed near the edge of the Kampinos National Park. Its location is an asylum, and in that spirit we designed the interior. The project was created for estate developer’s commission and based on his target group data we developed our concept.

The interior is neutral, but characteristic at the same time — it fits the aesthetics of potential buyers and, despite the limited space of the house, it performs all practical needs and offers convenient optional functions, such as a sauna in the attic or an unusual seat in the bedroom.

According to our philosophy, we relied on natural materials. Consistent themes like the ubiquitous Calacatta marble, ash-wood-veneered walls, or openwork brass partitions used in the bedroom, bathrooms and attic, prove that the multifunctional household space doesn’t have to be stereotypic, nor chaotic.