multitask house

Location: near Warsaw, Poland

Area: 440 m²

The purpose of every home is to serve its habitants. Some functions are very pragmatic — leisure, hygiene or shelter from weather conditions. There are also soft needs, such as sense of safety, happiness, space for private conversations, exchange of thoughts or proper upbringing of children. In this case we also have a very individual set of needs, such as the desire to have a contact with nature, to have a training space, a space to play in board games, a bed located under the corner to watch stars or party pool room with a bar. This house near Warsaw is for a full-of-life 5-person young family and for her stories, which they will fill over four hundred square meters space every day with.

The interior was supposed to be above all functional, but at the same time beautiful. Owners for nearly 10 years have been collecting inspiration for what mood their dream interior should be. They were mainly interested in foreign projects at the highest level, and that was the main guideline for this house — timeless, not holding on to any temporary trends. That is why the most important thing was to highlight he large spaces and the view behind the windows, which are a fantastic background for the interior covered with noble, subtle materials.

The coloristic and material palette is actually limited to several materials used in the whole interior. We have a concrete floor, a ceiling from a dark wooden parquet, a sintered quartz-covered walls, marble countertops and steel constructions with veneered fronts and shelves. Although the house has a large area and was supposed to be minimalistic, thanks to differences of levels, different transitions and corners and through some dynamics of the use of the same materials, it seems intriguing, diverse, and at the same time stays consistent with the assumptions.