gallant apartment

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Area: 185 m²

Manly. Confident. Seductive. But also… Gentle. Sensitive. Subtle. However, above all practical and in terms of the future — family-friendly. It is not an average, neutral apartment for everyone, but a luxurious and expressive apartment of its owner with a strong sense of his own aesthetics and vivid character. It is an interior that, on the one hand, does not look behind, and on the other – serves its master supporting him with every step.

This apartment, or actually the penthouse, was developed by us from two smaller units on the top floor of the building. Although the apartment is quite minimalist, it has many hidden functions: from a projector and screen retractable from the ceiling in the living room, through a hidden dock station for Roomba, to invisible induction chargers in the bed frame. We also managed to realize the owner’s dream by designing a sauna that turns the main bathroom into a private, luxurious SPA zone. Stairs surrounded by stones, which lead directly from the living area to the terrace, also add some hint of mystery.

Whole space is created from the fusion of noble materials, mostly dark, heterogeneous in their structure and color. It is them that create a slightly dark, intentionally underexposed atmosphere. We have all kinds of blacks, grays and browns — from black brushed steel, anthracite sinter quartz, light gray marble conglomerate with a unique mix of aggregates, to brownish mocca emperador marble, parquet and veneers made of exotic wenge wood. The color palette used in various quantitative and material combinations creates interior that is harmonious yet diverse.