big city dream

Location: Powiśle district, Warsaw, Poland

Building: Dobra32

Area: 280 m² apartment, 145 m² terrace

Photos: Nate Cook

Video: Michał Dolny

What is greater than great visions? Obviously, their implementation. This unorthodox property located in the heart of Powisle district, Warsaw is a unique allegory of youthful dreams of metropolitan life, which at some point – thanks to courage and determination – become a reality. It is a penthouse written with a capital “P”, which does not hide from others, but consciously attracts attention and is more than pleased with it. Despite this, it enables a fully private life full of luxurious sensations that cannot get bored. A sunset with a Moët & Chandon glass while bathing in the jacuzzi on the terrace overlooking the centre of the capital city — is undoubtedly an extraordinary experience…

The lower floor of the apartment, which can be accessed straight from the elevator, measures 200 m² and combines day and night functions. The beautiful form of this project buries the fullness of functionality. The owners wanted to have most of the things hidden, so that only absolutely necessary and decorative items remained visible. Behind the handleless fronts there is a lot of storage, there are also details such as hidden handles, and behind one of the fronts there is a masked passage leading to the night part. The kitchen surprises with its monolithic form, however, in its interior there is everything you need. The comfortable WC managed to fit under the stairs, without overwhelming their light form. Even kids’ rooms are ascetic, which in a world full of stimulus has a huge impact on focus and learning. Among the most interesting challenges in the implementation, it is worth mentioning that the 6-meter and weighing over a ton steel custom TV shelve in the living room was pulled to the sixth floor by crane.

Going upstairs we enter a unique entertainment and relaxation zone, from which we have access to the terrace with an area of 145 m² with many thematic sections. In the interior, the owners have at their disposal a 40 m² recreation area with a bar annex and a mini-office, and behind a large pivot door – equivalent area for a monkey grove for the youngest.

The palette of colors and materials oscillates around gray, brown and black, which are juxtaposed with strong details of pure brass. The subdued base includes noble materials such as calacatta marble and conglomerates, veneers from exotic trees such as amaranth, red zebra and ebony, but also the highest quality technical materials such as sintered quartz and nanolaminates. In this interior, we will also come across many color accents, such as ultramarine lamps-circles in the living room, a blue-salmon kids’ bathroom, or green verde gautemala marble with a sofa made in the same color in the recreation area. Although most of the interior elements have been designed individually, we can also find here the design of iconic furniture and lighting brands such as Catellani & Smith, Vibia, B&B Italia or Desalto.