the (im)possible apartment

Location: Powiśle district, Warsaw, Poland

Building: Dobra32

Area: 140 m²

Photos: Nate Cook

Publications: Architectural Digest, Design Alive, Dom i Wnętrze, Architektura & Biznes, White Mad

What happens, when you trust us completely and tell us that we should create something absolutely unique? This is how the (im)possible apartment was created. On the one hand, it seemed impossible to implement, because some of its solutions were so unique that no one else had probably completed them before, and at the same time, possible… because we succeeded.

The apartment was to serve as a comfortable and representative pied-à-terre for the owners’ business visits to the capital, and their passion for noble, natural raw materials became an incentive to play unconventionally with materials. From the entrance, we are greeted by Brazilian “Patagonia” quartzite, which has been consistently repeated on the kitchen island, where carefully selected slabs flow smoothly to create a sculptural body of furniture carved in the rock. Opposite the island, we look at a non-obvious technological marvel – an annex in which the walls, countertop, sink and all fronts (including the refrigerator and dishwasher) are made of solid limestone. The same material was repeated in the master bathroom, where a peace and relaxation zone was created. The general access bathroom accessible from the living area, is made of Italian dolomite with a warm brown shade – sometimes smooth, sometimes grooved.

Throughout the apartment there are numerous accents made of brass patinated to antique bronze – an openwork shelf in the living room, an openwork wardrobe, coverings of structural columns, Classicon coffee tables, Rimadesio sliding doors, Axor fittings and even exclusive electrical equipment. In the center of the living room, the main part is played by a subtle Flexform sofa filled with down and artistic Catellani & Smith lamps, and the whole is united by an impressive hand-woven Jacaranda carpet made of real silk. Brass also appears in small amounts in polished – in the living area, the eye is pleased with the unusual composition of Lee Broom’s lamps hanging over the island, and in the master bedroom there are Flos lamps hung symmetrically on the sides of the iconic Minotti bed.

Although the gently bleached oak floor is the background for impressive furnishing elements, it is worth noting that the boards are 30 cm wide and up to 8 meters long. The entire interior is harmonized by subtle window decorations and white walls with a shadow-gap effect straight from an art gallery, which gives them the function of a canvas for displaying a collection of works.

This project is a true manifesto of contemporary technical and design thought. We are dealing here with the finest furniture and lighting from recognized foreign brands and designers, as well as unique furniture and products made to order by the best and boldest domestic contractors. They have one thing in common – the sincerity and timelessness of the materials used and the highest craftsmanship. And all of this thanks to the Investor’s exemplary faith in human skills, driven by trust and an uncompromising vision.